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Does Amex blacklist forever?

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Re: Does Amex blacklist forever?

FinStar wrote:

sjt wrote:

My opinion is that as a general rule Amex does blacklist until you pay them off. But like other posters have mentioned there are some people who fall through the cracks. I think those are more of an exception not the rule.


You could go ahead and apply. If you are blacklisted it would only be a soft pull.



sjt, AFAIK it is not even a SP.  AMEX's database will recall the previous file/record and not even SP.  Ususally results in a declined app with no pull.

Thanks! Thats good to know.

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Re: Does Amex blacklist forever?

jeffg330 wrote:
Thanx for the info everyone. I'm coming out of the garden in a month or so. It's between discover and Amex currently. Ill post results if/when I app for others who might want to try.

There's hope OP Robot Very Happy  Let us know how it turns out...Best of luck!

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