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Does Bank of America pull Equifax?

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Re: Does Bank of America pull Equifax?

What BoA product did you apply for that pulled EQUIFAX??? It can't be a credit card or car loan, because those are always MBNA now (EXPERIAN pull!).


It doesn't necessarily matter where you live, but which Bank of America subsiderary is the actual lender for what you are applying for. Sometimes with banks, they pick which of their subsideraries to send your application to based on a variety of factors, of which your state or metro area can in fact be one. I know this is true for Chase, as some markets are treated differently (i.e former "BankOne" markets for example). The ineresting thing is that if you move after you open your account, it will not change; geographical factors are determined only when the account is opened. Most banks have many mergers over diverse geographical areas, which causes this. It may seem that a bank fully intigrates after an acquisition, but it is takes many years for a bank to truly FULLY integrate.


However, in the case of BoA, it does not appear that geography is always a factor, if at all, but instead what type of credit, at least for credit cards and auto loans.


Credit cards and auto loans are now issued by (MBNA/Fia Card Services). MBNA seems to always pull Experian like it seems 90% of the world pulls from these days :-/


Home mortgages (at least in Pa/NJ/NY/Ma etc) were issued by the department that used to be Fleet when I got my equity line in 2007 even though they bought Fleet in 2004.


Bottom line is BoA is still about 10 different companies lumped into 1 even though you can view all your accounts together on 1 pretty website like they're all handled by the same department... definitely not the case.

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Re: Does Bank of America pull Equifax?

Here in MA I was told it's EX.

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Re: Does Bank of America pull Equifax?

They pulled my finger !! blahhhhhhhh, I hate that bank...Smiley Very Happy

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