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Does Discover blacklist?

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Does Discover blacklist?

I have been getting pre-approval offers from Discover for the past few months (9.9 APR, $100 cashback bonus rewards).


I used to have a Discover card few years ago ($1000 Credit Limit). But, due to unfortunate circumstances, it was maxed out, and I never paid it off. It has fallen off of my credit report a year ago.


My question is, does Discover blacklist people? and due to the past account problems, will it be wise to apply, even though the invitation says pre-approved?

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Re: Does Discover blacklist?

While I don't know about Discover directly, I know that I have had multiple accounts with Capital One and HSBC even after accounts were closed and/or still in collection. They pretty much take it on a case by case basis and I wouldn't assume you'd receive pre-approval letters if the plan was to deny you all along. Some of the bigger companies might, but I remember as a kid people used to make fun of Discover cardholders because a 7 year old dog could apply and be approved. I think you'll be OK. To answer the actual question directly though, No, I don't know if Discover blacklists, but it doesn't look like it.


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Re: Does Discover blacklist?

Yes, it has. They will denied even if you have pre-approval. It happened to me.




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