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Does Heavy Use = Higher CLIs?

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Re: Does Heavy Use = Higher CLIs?

Helps with utilization

I'd never charge as much as my limit. Can't imagine charging more than a thousand in one sitting on a CC unless for a trip....

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Re: Does Heavy Use = Higher CLIs?

Dustink wrote:

orl2185 wrote:

I guess I'm the odd ball then. I barely use my cards period, yet get cli's quite a bit. WOW!!!!


Isn't this promoting getting into debt I presume just to get limit increases? SMH...Smiley Indifferent

This is not promoting getting into debt. This is just saying, shift spending around and continue to PIF.


OK, I think lol. Like it's mentioned prior YMMV. As for shift spending,  that's the credit overall picture if you have several accounts IMO.

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Re: Does Heavy Use = Higher CLIs?

I have a few cards that I'd like to see grow (short term and long) so I've been giving them more use. For example, my JCP card, only a $200. limit so I can't do much with that.  A quick purchase one night gave me a $192. balance but I PIF after the statement cut. It will be around $135. this month. Walmart, $600. CL, balance of $533. when the statement closed last month. PIF and will have a balance of around $180. when it closes this month. Others, I might not care as much or I doubt they will grow (like Target and Cap1) so they just get used when they need to get used. 


Oh, and the cards that I'd like to see increase, I'll make sure the balances are low when it comes time to ask for a CLI or if it's the month that they might auto increase. 

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Re: Does Heavy Use = Higher CLIs?

Yeah, making sure that your utilization ratio for all of your revolving credit accounts is low before you apply for a CLI. The results may be favorable if you do. Smiley Happy

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Re: Does Heavy Use = Higher CLIs?

Most Comenity (WFNNB) store cards definitely like you to use their cards and will give you CLI's every 6 months if you do.  

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