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Does NFCU Blacklist?

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Re: Does NFCU Blacklist?

ihatemyscore wrote:

All the OP has to DO is pay back every penny owed. Then they will be willing to offer the OP products. If one truely cared about having a good relationship with NFCU then one would pay them back completely.

agreed, few banks people should never screw over USAA NFCU Amex, Chase, Citi Bank besides that I could honestly careless =x    I messed up with Bank of America when I was 18, but considering they are the worst bank imo (also I believe them to be bankrupt and are falsifying documents, yes banks do this, even entire countries have......   after purchasing country wide who held majority of the bad loans in the housing bubble, and their desparation to create new fees, and slow to impliment new banking concepts like mobile deposits makes me strongly believe this.)

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Re: Does NFCU Blacklist?

ihatemyscore wrote:



I had a checking account go into collections, 40 dollar charge off. I settled a credit card for 1000 and included them into BK.


I talked to the bankruptcy department, volunteerly paid back all my debt and they re-opened a checking/savings for me. You must pay back every penny you owe regardless of settling and or in BK before they consider it. I threw there modo into their faces. "Once a member, always a member".


Im sure it may take a couple yrs before they trust you with a CC but it's worth the wait.

Do you happen to be in the military or use to be?


Just curious. I read somewhere that NFCU will work with you if you burned them in the past AND you are in the military. So just curious if that is the same case with you or not.

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Re: Does NFCU Blacklist?

I am a military dependent, they will work with you if you pay them back. You just have to escalate the situation and make them stick by their own company modo.

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Re: Does NFCU Blacklist?

As others have mentioned they will if you pay back what you owe them.  As long as you’ve caused them any losses then no.  I’m currently in payment arrangements on my NAVChek LOC with them.  (It went to their internal collections)  I pay monthly on my MC & Visa with them, but due to having (2) 30 day lates in the last year they closed the accounts.  Smiley Sad And I have a current auto loan with them.  (had about (4) 30 day lates in the last 2 years) They advised I can apply for credit, but I know my score is too low right now even for them.  I’m hoping once my score is better I will have most of these obligations cleared up and I can feel the NFCU love again.  So currently I’m enjoying my USAA love.  And I want to say how thankful I am to my father (retired Air Force after 26 years) for giving me the opportunity to be a member of NFCU & USAA (full member). 

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Re: Does NFCU Blacklist?



I had a job loss and my account went into collections. When I became re-employed, I settled the NFCU accounts for less than the amount owed. I could not pay them the full balances because I owed other accounts that I had to settle. This has gotten me pre-approved for a mortgage, which is scheduled to close in 2 weeks, but probably blacklisted from NFCU, Chase, and USAA....Bummer!!!!



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