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Does PC mean new TL on CR?

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Does PC mean new TL on CR?

I want to PC my Citi Dividend to Forward. It's a brand new CC that I haven't used yet. I decided to start a new thread addresssing this question specifically: If I PC my Dividend to a Forward, will there end up 2 new accts/TLs on my CR? Or will the Forward replace the Dividend, so I'll only have 1 new acct on my CR?


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Re: Does PC mean new TL on CR?

Normally the way PCs work is you keep the same account number (or if they change it, it will just update the current entry on your CR) and your account internally with them changes, and any CLIs or something will reflect on your next statement. 


Not sure about citi in particular but that's how it usually goes down AFAIK. 

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Re: Does PC mean new TL on CR?

Last poster is right but different from issuer to issuer.  For example, Walmart to Walmart discover is stinky as they close old account and report new account on credit report.  Sorry no specific knowledge on Citibank.  I would just call them.

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