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Does anybody bite on these offers?

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Does anybody bite on these offers?

I have a couple of cards that give me offers akin

to entering a "lottery drawing" for using my card.


I'm a little amused by these and wonder if it

actually makes anyone use that card more??

I have little interest in these offers.


Here is one I received today from USAA


((Win Super Bowl LIV tickets courtesy of VISA))



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Re: Does anybody bite on these offers?

I've won NFL tickets for using my credit card, it was something like this. I forgot I singed up, then got a text saying I won. 



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Re: Does anybody bite on these offers?

A lot of my Visa cards over the years have advertised the chance to win tickets to the Super Bowl just for using the card. I have not received this from USAA yet though....

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Re: Does anybody bite on these offers?

I am skeptical that this would serve any marketing purpose for them (it would not be logical to change your spending patterns to enter what amounts to a lottery), but if it's easy to do and my normal use of the card would qualify me to win, I'd probably take a couple of minutes to sign up just in case.


Maybe they are approaching it as a cheap way to have a "hook" to send a promotion, with the main goal just being to remind you that you have their card.

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Re: Does anybody bite on these offers?

I've seen this from USAA in the past. Actually just got an email from Chase about the same thing. Kinda makes sense as its sponsored by Visa and not the individual issuer. Last half of August there was same type of contest with grand prize trip to the NFL London game in November.

The terms from Chase just state you need to use tap to pay, no other signup needed. Can't use digital wallet or "wearables". Couple cards excluded - both Disneys, Ritz-Carlton and JP Morgan Reserve. Prize even includes cash to offset taxes - $7,500

With very little effort needed to enter I see no harm in tapping where it's available. Seems like they're trying to push the tech and get more people accustomed to it.

I do have to say that when it comes to these contests, it seems they want you to enter as often as possible, but then you never hear about anyone winning (or if anyone actually did). Kinda like Publishers Clearing House...
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Re: Does anybody bite on these offers?

Sort of. I did 90-something mail-in entries to IHG's Priceless Surprises a few years ago.


I think I got a few 2k and 1k point "prizes" and the rest were 500 (or whatever the guaranteed minimum was).


~$60 in postage and stationery, and a few hours, for ~$350 of points.

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Re: Does anybody bite on these offers?

i like playing a contest sometimes for fun. i think usbank has a harley card and you can win a bike out of it, that would be a good one since it's not for a limited time and you can keep playing.

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Re: Does anybody bite on these offers?

Those things should be illegal lol. I could also be President of the US or Get a Chase card over 5/24Smiley Wink
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Re: Does anybody bite on these offers?

Incidently, there was a commercial during tonights Packers/Bears game and it clearly showed that USAA is a proud supporter of the NFL and they mentioned this promotion. 

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