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Does anybody have all three?

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Re: Does anybody have all three?

I have a store branded Visa from US Bank, and I have the free monthly Experian sore. It's the same FAKO that I get with USAA and Credit Karma (which is free, and at least give you more information), so it's not even worth looking at in my opinion.

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Re: Does anybody have all three?

With a clean report the closest thing is probably Credit Sesame that everyone can join, DCU is accurate, Walmart Fico is not since it's 08 version scoring which most lenders do not use. MyFico TU is 98 and only Barclay is believed to still use that score.


Lenders choose 04 scoring cause it was the harshest to the consumer making it their best choice. 04 scoring no one has ever reported past a 819 on their Fico 04 generic score (not auto enhanced etc) It's kinda bs to say perfect score is 850 when NO ONE has ever hit it. Even the Fico president is under 800

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