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Does anyone have experience with GEMB?

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Re: Does anyone have experience with GEMB?

keith021 wrote:

DI wrote:

Yes! I'm on GEMB's endanger to it's business list.  I settled a lawsuit with them in 2005 for violation of the FCRA and FDCPA.  I carry no GEMB products anymore. 




If I may ask, what did they violate?


They violated the FCRA by reporting my paid off account as a charge off to the CRA's.  Next, GE took the heat for the actions that occured when the account was with collection agency.  The collection agency violated the FDCPA for harrasing me.  As part of the settlement, the attorney asked if I wanted to keep the account. I told him no  To this this day the account is still reporting "Closed by Consumer".  I opened the account in 2001.   


Also, as of July 2009, I was still able to log into the Penney's account online.   

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