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Does timing of payment help with CLI chances

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Does timing of payment help with CLI chances

With the Chase Freedom card I intend to pay off my balance before the statement cuts. However, when it comes to CLI I was wondering if there was a benefit to paying my balance down even earlier, like shortly after the charges post. When chase considers people for auto cli are they even looking at how quickly the charges are paid off, or are they looking at balances that are being reported to the CRA and the credit card utilization at that time? I could pay off my card right now, or I could wait and pay it off in two weeks a few days prior to the balances being reported. Just not sure if there is a benefit to doing it now.

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Re: Does timing of payment help with CLI chances

The timing probably won't make much of a difference, but I would suspect that the best way to position yourself for a CLI would be to charge up very close to your credit limit, pay down, and repeat.

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