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Don't Know if it's a scam or not capital one

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Don't Know if it's a scam or not capital one

I tonight while I was at work, ( at 6:30pm and keep in mind I am a server) I was called on our restaurant's landline by capital one asking for me. Actually it was odd they didn't even ask for me they just assumed the person on the line was me. Anyway I answer the phone with "name of restaurant how may I help you" the person on the other end automatically said " Hi *my name* and I'm calling from capital one. ( she never mentioned her name thought this conversation) I said quickly I am at work and I can not speak at this time. She continued to ignore that fact and kept talking saying it was very important to get this cleared up. She goes on a talks about my account and that I need to make more than my minimum payment I have been doing. I again said that I was at work not to mention on the restaurant's phone line and could get in major trouble for this. This person didn't care what so ever.She just continued to explain to me that I needed to make a larger payment for my platinum card. I said I would later on in the week. She continued to say no I can do it over the phone that she has all my information already. I said no I don't want to and that the account they have on file is actually closed because of a fraud activity that actually ready did happen on it. So she quickly asks well lets use your new account do you have your information for it at hand? I snapped and said no I am at work I don't have time, and that I will pay more than the minimum payment when I can and do it online on my own. She immediately had an attitude and said well she needed to know the date so she can mark it on my account I just blurted out a date a week from now, then the lady mentions that she will mark my account with that I will be paying on the 19th. So making it a pending payment. Then I was able to hang up. 


I then look later on my online account with capital one and nothing shows that this woman marked a pending payment. Now It bothered me later on that I she never gave me her name, or number in which I could contact her if anything. And that well I was scammed a few weeks ago on my bank account taking 2400 out of my account. I have wells Fargo fighting this fraud. But what also bothers me is that this person who is with "capital one" that contacted me tonight NEVER called my home first or even my cell phone. But calls my job. I find that really odd and makes me uncomfortable after what recently happened to be about 2 weeks ago. 


Sorry for this being so long, I just need some others advice or opinions on what happen to me tonight. 

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Re: Don't Know if it's a scam or not capital one

Call Capitol One yourself and explain the phone call.  They should see in their records if anyone contacted you.  Verify with them what phone #'s they have on record.  Also, if you are making the minimum payment, they would not call you.

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Re: Don't Know if it's a scam or not capital one

Personally?   Smells like a scam.  

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Re: Don't Know if it's a scam or not capital one

Thank you, I defiently will be calling them tomorrow to see that going on. 

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Re: Don't Know if it's a scam or not capital one

Sounds as if she was phishing for a new CC# by asking you to make a payment to an account.  Somehow, they must have been privy to your account having been closed?

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Re: Don't Know if it's a scam or not capital one

Seem like you need to sign up for some fraud Id thelf or something.......

Next time ask for their name and Id before you talk to any1.

HAng up if they dont provide such thing.

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Re: Don't Know if it's a scam or not capital one

Doesn't sound right. I hope you were not scam. I have deveral accounts with them for over ten years and never experience anything like this. hope all goes well.

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Re: Don't Know if it's a scam or not capital one



doesnt sound right at all. you should call them right away

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