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Done with Bad Credit!

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Re: Done with Bad Credit!

CreditCrusader wrote:

Wolf3 wrote:

It is called credit history for a reason.   You need time for the good and bad accounts to age.

Wow...that wasn't snotty or anything...sheesh


To the OP, a more respectful way to convey that message is as follows:


Allowing accounts to age over time demonstrates responsible credit behavior - which in turn results in increased credit scores. This also holds true for any baddies on your report, as the further removed you are from them the less of a negative impact they have on your credit score.


You have an impressive assortment of credit. My advice would be to use it responsibly and be patient... you're on your way! Smiley Happy

Thanks CreditCrusader! Yeah, wasn't sure how to take that one. No hard feelings though. I decided to start being active on here because I appreciate how supportive people are to each other. It's hard dealing with these companies and working on getting back on track. Credit is now just a means to good tradelines and nothing more for me at this point. Hopefully your journey is going good!

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