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Double Cash Question

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Re: Double Cash Question

Most DCs that are WEMC are WEMC in name only and don’t provide the benefits so it’s not worth jumping through hoops to get.
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Re: Double Cash Question

@Rebuilt wrote:
A Google search shows a lot of similar issues on other sites and years of threads here. :/

It seems almost random who gets a WMC & WEMC.

Lots of people calling to ask about it/the benefits. Customer service reps saying WEMC citi double cards don't exist...even though caller is holding it in hand.

Some get told it depends partly on how much you use it.

Some get told Mastercard decides it.

And all other sorts of inaccurate & unhelpful replies by customer service.

Saw someone say they requested replacements through the year and 2nd replacement was a WEMC.
Maybe tell them you keep losing your card every week until you get a WEMC? lol "yea, I know I lose it often. Maybe if it were a WEMC, I'd care enough to remember where I placed it."
(Note: though you could anger them with super frequent replacements and they close your account)



Thank you!

Okay, I tried... Code wouldn't cooperate. Tried for 3 hours!!!
CapOne WMTMC 10K
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Re: Double Cash Question

I've had a WEMC Citi DC card for a couple years.  My WMC just got updated during a typical card replacement cycle at that time.  My credit scores are 790+, and I was heavily using the DC for a while when the upgrade occured - which may have helped.


I'm not sure WEMC means much on a card that doesn't have an AF.  Cards that have an AF + WEMC seem to have premier type of benefits.

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Re: Double Cash Question

Had to look after reading...

mine was issued as a WEMC.

Not that that fact alone is important to me

Account is just about a year old.

Adding Data Points

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Re: Double Cash Question

It's useless actually.
You literally get zero benefits in your citi dc between a wemc and wmc. Just boasting rights.

Not worth the time to change your dc. If it's bothering you, then get the capital one savor or savorone. At least the savorone (and also savor) has a WEMC that would give you a $10 free on lyft every month if you take 5 rides and Pay with WEMC.
1. AMEX Gold - Groceries, Dining and Shopping for warranty, return, purchase protection benefits
2. Uber Visa - Cell phone insurance benefit & Dining if Gold doesnt work|| No FX transaction Visa || Chip and PIN Visa || 5.5k
3. US Bank Altitude Reserve - Travel, Mobile Payment (Samsung Pay!) and for travel related perks || No FX transaction Visa || Visa Infinite || 7k
4. SavorOne - Entertainment || No FX transaction Mastercard || World Elite Mastercard || Contactless || 8k
5. Hilton Aspire - @ Hilton & for Priority Pass || No FX transaction AMEX || Contactless || 10k
6. Citi DC - Utilities, Non-category spend || Chip and PIN Mastercard || 9k
7. BofA Cash Rewards - Amazon purchases for 3.3% cashback || Chip and PIN Mastercard || 7.5k
8. Ducks Unlimited - Gas || 1k

9. Chase Freedom (downgraded from CSR) || Contactless || 21k
10. Discover IT || 2k

Credit Score 770ish
Wish list:
A. Chase Amazon Prime
B. Hyatt/IHG/Mariott for $100 weekend free night
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