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Drapping...almost. Discover

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Re: Drapping...almost. Discover

I take it back, I just watched part of the debate, I'm stone cold sober now!

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Re: Drapping...almost. Discover

obageegee wrote:

Well I'm 3/4 in the bag and I know how you feel. I think I'll go to the Amex site and just fill out the form and hit cancel.


Well if you are an Amex cardholder already and you get denied its not a if you drapp the button then you are ok


OTOH if no Amex, its a hard pull...


ETA: I needed a drink to get through that debate........and I pretty much never indulge, having no head for it.  Hmm, guess thats debapping?


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Re: Drapping...almost. Discover

I swea i keep trying to Drapp for the PRG Gold with amex but i just keeps spinning after i enter my 4 digit code, its like they know i have had a few....

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Re: Drapping...almost. Discover

Pahahahaha!!! I had a hangover by 8 pm :-(. I spent my free afternoon at the bars here lol!!! No drapping for me, I'm in the garden !!!!
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