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Dream come true!

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Re: Dream come true!

Discover seems to pull TU for a lot of people. They did on me twice.
Here we go again...
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Re: Dream come true!

Timothy wrote:
If you want TC-
Just call them - it is an easy verification process.

I did call them; I was told that there wasn't enough information to validate with, so they refunded my money. Strange thing is: I still get emails saying that changes have been made to my reports. Smiley Happy

After signing up for Chase ID Protection, now I can answer a couple of questions.

Bank of America pulled EQ
Discover pulled TU
American Express pulled all three, yet used my worst, EQ!!! Smiley Mad

My credit scores were about the same as or a bit higher than they were in April, except for TU. They hadn't updated my credit card payment, so I'm guessing they'd be 670-ish at the time I apped for Discover.

I also received a nice surprise on EX:

Acct #: XXXX
Type: Revolving
Bureau: Experian
Date Open: 05/2008
High Limit: $1,500
Last Reported: 05/2008
Account Status: Paid

I'm lost for words.

2/2008 :: TU 610 :: EQ 610 :: EX 638 :: Beginning scores
2/2009 :: TU 699 :: EQ 697 :: EX 690 :: 1-year mark
2/2010 :: TU 682 :: EQ 670 :: 2-year mark
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Re: Dream come true!

It is almost exactly like Experian's Triple Advantage, which is pretty much the same as the ones you mentioned so I'm pretty sure it's an "Experian powered" site.

UpNComing wrote:

shawnette wrote:
I've been using and for a few weeks.  They're both pretty good and the Chase one is only $11.99 per month.  Both pull all 3 reports and give 3 FAKOs.  Creditcheck allows multiple pulls daily, but it's $30/month.  I'm probably going to cancel after this month.   The Chase FAKOs are about 100 points lower than my FICOs, but they seem to go up and down pretty accurately, so for me it's been a good gauge for what my real scores look like.  (I just add 100 pts)
Congrats on the new card, too!!

Message Edited by shawnette on 05-10-2008 10:12 AM

shawnette the looks a lot like Credit Keeper and Experians Credit Manager.  I wonder if its another Experian owned website.

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