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EQ 14 Point Drop due to BOA / FIA Cards CLD

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EQ 14 Point Drop due to BOA / FIA Cards CLD

I checked my fico reports. Thank God my TU did not take any hit due to the recent CLD from BOA/FIA Cards. But my EQ took 14 Point CLD. I have paid off balances in full and hoping they would update my balances and my score would come back to normal again. I am so pissed and upset with the way they are doing things.


I always do PIF and never late. By the doing a CLD during the middle of the month and updating the new CL and new balance with out even giving a chance for me to pay off the balance is insance on their part. I called and requested to restore the CL and they said no.


I am debating if I should sock drawer the cards or keep using them for small purchases and keep them alive. It is very disappointing after all the hardwork we do to keep the scores up and develop/maintin good habits we learn at myFico and after all these, the way the banks are taking AA on customers is not very good in my book.

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Re: EQ 14 Point Drop due to BOA / FIA Cards CLD

Sorry concord.....I agree people that are responsible are now paying the price with the economy.  I am just hoping BoA doesn't slash too much of my CL.  They already CLD $500 on one card, but I have 25k total with them.
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