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Earliest time to apply for BOA CLI

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Earliest time to apply for BOA CLI

Hi guys,

I tried finding an answer to this question but was unsuccessful. I have two credit cards from boa. 1 platinum plus that I got In April 2013 with a 1k cl and called the back door the day I got it, asked for $5k and was granted. The following month (May 2013) I decided to go for their 123 card and was also approved but with a cl of $1k. That one I also tried to ask for 5k but was denied.

I read that they are as generous as Amex when it comes to cli's but wasn't sure how they would feel about me requesting for a cli on a card that I just got in May. Plus I never used the card because the cl was so low and didn't see any reason for using it unless I wanted to DROP my score for high utilization.

As always, thanks in advance!
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Re: Earliest time to apply for BOA CLI

You can certainly try now over the phone and talk to them. It will more than likely cost you a hard pull, but it could be worth it. I've heard with bofa that 6 months is an acceptable time frame for CLI. You biggest challenge is that you haven't used the card yet.

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Re: Earliest time to apply for BOA CLI

Generally speaking, lenders like to see usage on their cc's. I doubt that you are at their internal limit with $6k but I suspect the fact they just gave you a CLI may be an issue. Send a secure message and see if they are willing to reconsider your request. Since the cc is new, you might have to wait a few months.
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Re: Earliest time to apply for BOA CLI

Thanks guys for your responses... Would anyone else have any input?


I was considering doing it today vs. applying for another card. I just really want to land another card that gives me at least $5k in limits. 

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Re: Earliest time to apply for BOA CLI

I would wait at least 6 months.  The shortest amount of time I have waited and gotten apporved for a cli with bofa is 3 months. Also uou need to use the card with no activity, If it not an auto apporved increade and goes to credit Analyst the will see this and may decline you.

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