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Easy Amex bonus for churners

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Easy Amex bonus for churners

Hey all,


Just saw that I got a targeted offer in the mail for the Amex Blue Sky. While I personally am not super interested in getting the card, I noticed what appeared to be a really easy bonus offer. Reading over it again, I confirmed that the letter was offering 15,000 miles (= $200) for spending $250 within the first three months. Not the highest offer ever, but still, $200 for $250 spend? I guess the one downside is that you can only redeem for travel expenses.


Nevertheless, churners, take notice!

EX: 758 (10/12), TU: ???, EQ: ???

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Re: Easy Amex bonus for churners

Amex generally requires a year before you can reapply for the same card and get another bonus.

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Re: Easy Amex bonus for churners

If I get a letter like that I will be very likely to apply for this card in January. Smiley Happy

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