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Ebay Mastercard auto CLI

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Ebay Mastercard auto CLI

Got this card the month it came out... not sure what year that was 2006? Anyway $2500 initial CL, never able to get CLI and like 2 years in GE cut it to $500, Never carried balance or anything... over the years have asked for CLI every 6-8 months I suppose and never would increase.  Logged in yesterday to update addresses and stuff on the PayPal account and see available credit over $2100!!! I was like what!, clicked on account and yes CL is now $2400!! WOW GE Im impressed for today.

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Re: Ebay Mastercard auto CLI

Congrats on your CLI. I don't understand GE gave me 4k brooks MC and then a 300 gap card. What is up with that!

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