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Enlightenment needed...

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Re: Enlightenment needed...

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I have 14.  Some I don't ever use and down the road when I get higher limits and don't need the help with UT I can close them.  I have a spreadsheet that I made for everything, it's really easy for me to keep track this way.  In additional to the due dates and reporting dates I list my real balance, the reported balance, my UT...   and so on...  I have them color coded according to the ones I PIF with my paycheck on the 15th, and likewise for my end of the month paycheck.  Super simple.  (But then I also obsess about keeping it orderly, haha)

We must be related! My spreadsheet has all the same fields for EVERY pay period projected out to the end of 2015. Even have a special section for my BlueBird. Smiley Wink

Or, to maximize your finances:


a) put all credit cards on auto pay, full balance on due date

b) with the time saved from not updating the spreadsheet, go and get a part-time minimum wage job!

Aw, now what fun is that??  Smiley Wink  Actually if I had the salary where I could let money sit then I could do auto pay.  This way I pay bills on my paydays and its done, I'd rather manually do it and be on top of my budget.

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Re: Enlightenment needed...

I think everyone is missing a reason for having 6 to 8 credit cards. Having 6 to 8 credit cards builds a strong and wide base for the rest of your credit needs. If you have just 2 credit cards and then add an auto loan your scores will drop much further than if you had 6 to 8 credit cards. The auto loan will kill your AAoA if you only have 2 credit cards. Even in a manual review, 2 cards is a pretty thin file for an underwriter to gage your true credit risk when applying for new credit.

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