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Excellent Score, Possibly Low Income

Auto Loans for ANY Credit Situation. Immediate Response.
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Re: Excellent Score, Possibly Low Income

Awesome. Yeah, I’d imagine my plan to use it as a debit card would definitely improve the credit limit in no time. Thanks!
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Re: Excellent Score, Possibly Low Income

I’d say another step that could be helpful for you is to check prequalifications. Citi, Chase, Amex, Cap 1, and Discover all have pretty dependable prequals. US Bank does as wel. BoA does not usually, and WF and Barclays don’t have prequalification sites.

The best way to know if a prequalificatiob is solid though, is to check if you’re quoted a solid APR, instead of an APR range.

Also, I’d definitely include spouse income, since it’s being used to pay off the mortgage as well.

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