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Experience with Capital One ExO

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Re: Experience with Capital One ExO

Omaplatypus wrote:

maiden_girl wrote:

Don't app for VenONE if you can avoid it. Cap1 is like one of few lenders who goes in and pulls all 3 reports. I hate that.

The Venture's 2x miles on everything is actually very tempting.  I won't app for until I after I close on a house.  I'm being very conserative with my HPs now.

I would be very conservative about requesting CLIs as well...even if they are only soft pulls while you are in mortgage mode.


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Re: Experience with Capital One ExO

UPDATE:  So I hit up the Social Media Team at their social@ address and told them that I wanted a product change since the current card I have was a subprime/average credit product.  I wanted no AF and better rewards, a la Cash Rewards/VentureOne.  They sent me an email and said someone would get back to me. 


Lo and behold this morning I get a call from Ms. TS from the ExO.  I was like, OH HAI!  She told me her social media team forwarded her an email and was following up on it.  I told her that I specifically told them that this was not an executive level issue and was more for personal reasons and could understand if it was no possible.  I did have some complaints against their online chat agents but again I didn't feel it was necessary for an executive level support.  She did advise me that once an account has been tagged with executive level support, then they follow up on anything that comes across on that account.  I told her what I wanted and she said she would see what options are available.  She said she'd reach out to my by Monday/Tuesday.


So far, I've been quite impressed with the Social Media and Executive Office synergy.  Capital One still has a ways to go but I have been pleased at the level of attention that's been given to me.


Mind you... I've been a Capital One customer for over 10 years considering they bought out Chevy Chase Bank, my former bank.  I've had several credit cards over the years with them, and my wife as well.  I also had a car loan with them for about two years before I traded in that vehicle.  Never an issue.  My current card(s) are at around 3 years old.  So another word of warning and advice to fellow PsychoFicos... PLEASE do not abuse this direct line and ruin it for those who have legitiate concerns.  I'm directing this straight at those with 6 month old accounts who want to call them to get a credit limit increase to their accounts.   Start with the Social Media team and advance from there.

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