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Experiences with Chase and Citi?

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Re: Experiences with Chase and Citi?

You're about to get your cards, so regardless of what others have been saying you will certainly create your own opinions. I have personally had a fine experience with both of them, basically what I would expect from a credit card lender - no more, no less.

In My Wallet: Amex BCP (12/12) $50,000, Chase Freedom (12/12) $16,500, Cap1 Quicksilver (6/12) $14,000, Barclaycard Rewards (5/13) $10,500, Citi Prestige (4/16) $30,000

Last App: June 27, 2015
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Re: Experiences with Chase and Citi?

I've had good experiences with both. Citgold customer service seems more happy to speak with you, but it's not the much of a difference from regular customer service. I have had to speak with credit card customer service a few times and it has been pleasant and they expedited the cards after approval and when I asked for a chip. When I applied for Citi I was able to have them process them right on the telephone with me, so that was cool.


Chase has been the same. They always want to help and are very happy to do so. I once spoke with two analysts who didn't seem to be in a good mood, but they were still curteous. I like Chase's 1:1 ratio for cash better than Citi.

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Re: Experiences with Chase and Citi?

Chase is awesome, citi sucks big time. My forward and world elite dividend card have been SD for months, maybe a year. Citi failed to give me customer service many times. Be careful.
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Re: Experiences with Chase and Citi?

I have been with Chase for many years and they have been fantastic to do business with. The cards have great rewards and the customer service is very courteous and responsive. I especially enjoy using my CSP's number to reach someone right away, and they can service all of my accounts. Citi's cards are okay. I managed to get a U.S. based Citi rep the one time I called, and he provided better customer service than what I have received from AmEx in prior experiences.


Congrats on your approvals!

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