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Express shopping cart trick difficulties?

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Express shopping cart trick difficulties?

Hello all,


Was wondering if anyone else was having difficulties with Express's credit app lately? I got the pop up for pre-approval and filled everything in. When I press submit, nothing happens. It stays at the same screen. I've cleared cookies, and everything and still. Tried different browsers and nothing. So I finally just decided to take the hard pull and apply and I recieved the 7-10 message last monday. Although nothing has been pulled from my credit report, so I'm assuming that didn't work either.

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Re: Express shopping cart trick difficulties?

Just give it time, my account was the same way.  I actually waited close to one month to recieve the approval envelope with my starting credit limit.  I hope this helps just stay in there and give it a little bit of time.  I didn't do it but I have seen some members say that they have called in and been told if they were approved or declined.


Best of Luck!!




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