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FIA Reconsideration success

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FIA Reconsideration success

Just in case anyone is dealing with FIA...


I applied for an increase of 5000 from 1000 about two weeks ago. The gentleman on the telephone seemed to be having a bad day and hung up before I had a chance to say thank you and have a nice day after he declined it. I got the letter and it did not really say a reason, just that I had sufficient credit with them.


I rang today (1-866-421-8153) and got a very nice lady to look at it again. She said she was going to look at the credit report, but I am not sure if she had to pull another one or not. After a few seconds she said she was really impressed with the well handling of all the accounts I have and paying on time so well. She then happily approved for 5000. So it is always worth another ring to get a decline overturned. I was not going to but it just bothered me that I could not get it before.


I had a balance on it for a little bit to gain some interest in a rewards chequing account but after that I have not touched it.


Transunion score: 750 back in August, probably around the same now

Age: 22

Income: 35000

Opened account in February

Average age of accounts: Eleven months I think

Overall age: Two years, five months

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