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FNB card closed-chance of reopening?

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FNB card closed-chance of reopening?

My FNB of Omaha was openend in Feb. 1995.  My account was canceled two months ago because over-limit balanaces.  I now have it back under control and will be paying it down.  Do you think there is a chance they will re-open my account at some point?  Thanks...
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Re: FNB card closed-chance of reopening?

Don't wait for them now.  You never know.


How long were you over the limit?  If it was for something like 6+ mos, they're likely to decline.  If it was only 1 or 2, you might have a chance.

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Re: FNB card closed-chance of reopening?

I was over the limit 5 months in a row...this is the first month I will not be over....think I should call?  If my account is closed, the credit line is still figured in my debt util., correct?

Also, will they need to pull my CR to re-instate my account?

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Re: FNB card closed-chance of reopening?

I would give them a call; can't hurt. Yes, closed accounts factor into your utilization if it has a balance on it. It will continue to factor in until the balance is $0 and then will be removed from the factoring. You shouldn't get a hard pull; most companies allow 3 months after you close to come back, so in this case you probably have the same leeway. On the other hand, they may ask you to reapply (hard pull).

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