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FNBO Making Things Stupid


Re: FNBO Making Things Stupid

I can confirm this applies to their First Bankcard managed accounts, too.  My China Airlines card minimum payment ended in .27 on this month's statement.

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Re: FNBO Making Things Stupid

On a more lighter note and unrelated. I must say all the years after i finally got in with FNBO they were also and i venture still are top notch. My cards saw regular & generous increases like clockwork on their schedule. Staff CSR's were always helpful and always up front to do with my card accounts or any other questions and concerns.


So what's pennies anymore anyway. Its still doable math.

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Re: FNBO Making Things Stupid

I did find this stupid as well.


I know just like OP, I cant get rid of my FNBO.


Their 5.99/6.99% BT Offers are very inticing and have saved me so much on interest when I have a car repair or something that I can't just pay off in a month or two like my normal monthly charges.


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Re: FNBO Making Things Stupid

@gdale6 wrote:

Appears as of Feb 2021 minimum due now includes cents, what a waste..... If it were not for the good BT offers they would be closed.


Additional Information Regarding Your Account


The minimum payment amount due may include cents. It is calculated without rounding ortruncation. Please refer to your Rates and Terms Schedule and Cardmember Agreement formore detailed information on how we calculate your minimum payment.

I have a FNBO card and yeah if it weren't for the good BT offers I'd dump it. But I didn' even notice my most recent statement had that for a minimum payment, Fifty-eight dollars and thirty-four cents. $58.34??? Seriously??? I've been making even $100 payments so I didn't notice. But next month I think I'll pay them $100.34, two can play that game. Smiley Wink


But I always stop when I see a word I've never seen before: "Ortruncation"? Who the hell uses a word like that when communicating with customers? But it was a bit of a problem with your copy & paste, my statement says "It is calculated without rounding or truncation. Smiley LOL

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