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Feeling the US Bank luv

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Re: Feeling the US Bank luv

How do you feel about BOA?
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Re: Feeling the US Bank luv

YoungEntrepeneur wrote:
How do you feel about BOA?

Personally, I don't like them as a credit card provider, I have made no secret of that but there are tons of people who would jump to defend them and say all kinds of good things about them. But ultimately keep in mind that anyone's opinion of a bank is just that, THEIR opinion and everyone's condition is different and how they are treated is different so no one say with 100% certainty that a bank is one or the other, its all anectodal. With banks like HSBC or Crapital One, there is just SO MUCH evidence that it becomes pretty well agreed but with Amex, Chase, BofA, there is little to no consistency other than the fact that they screw their people for no reason and with little notice and that's about it, not too much else has consistency of agreement. Some would say Amex is great, they are getting nice rates, nice CLs but then others would swear they are scum, balance chasing, cutting limits, increasing rates, who do you believe? depends on the circumstance and how closely you match which side. So on and so forth. On occassions banks like US Bank end up being those hidden jems that most people would say nice things about becuase they have not shown to screw people, but hell even with that only time will tell. Even the bad ones didn't start screwing people on day one. Although USB is unlikely to turn bad, its pretty safe to assume on them.

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Re: Feeling the US Bank luv

I'm worried about BofA's and Citi's financial future. I love my BofA card (just checked; CL still there!!), but I don't know that I'd try to get on with either of them for a month or two, until we have a better feel for how they're going to come through their current mess.
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Re: Feeling the US Bank luv

It's funny; BofA sent me tons of pre-approved, large credit lines that I never acted on.  Then my Juniper card merged to BofA and they gave me a measily $1K line (Juniper card was previously at a $10k limit).  I haven't used this much, I just buy some stuff and pay off to see if I can gain their trust.  Not really feeling the love but then again, maybe they did this to all the Juniper crossovers  ??
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