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Fico, recommend me a card.

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Fico, recommend me a card.

Right now i'm using the Amex gold premier card to rack up points but i'm looking for something better for my needs. Here's a list of where most of money goes.


Traveling (Gas,tolls,metrocards etc.)

Entertainment (Concerts & sporting events)

Groceries (Get 90% of my stuff at BJs)

Dining out


Shopping for clothes & shoes. (I have a BR card which is where I do most of my shopping)


I go on a vacation or two every year so something that would go towards that would be nice. You could also throw another 1 or 2 road trips. I guess anything that would maximize the use of the points would be great.


What do you guys recommend ?


EXP: 683 TU: 716 EQ: 716
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Re: Fico, recommend me a card.

A lot more info is needed 


INQ's the last year 

CC's now 



What TL's you have now

Type of card you want cash / travel

Before you app think...
Have you done your research of the CC?
Does it fit your spending?
Do you have a plan for the bonus w/o going into debt?
Can you afford the AF?
Do you know the cards benefits? Is it worth the HP?
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Re: Fico, recommend me a card.

I want to say 5 inquiries in the last year.


Chase Sapphire - 5k

Citi thank you preferred - 2k

Barclays Arrival World premier - 2k

Discover IT - 2k

BOA Cash rewards - 3k

BR Luxe - 2k


I have a NYS tax lien that has been paid.


Scores are in my sig. 706 FICO score.
AAoA - 5-6 yrs

EXP: 683 TU: 716 EQ: 716
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Re: Fico, recommend me a card.

Up your Sapphire to a Preferred version and get a Sallie Mae or BCP for the groceries/gas.



-Can get up to $250 bonus after minimum initial spend

-$75 AF

-6% groceries up to $6000 annually

-3% gas and department stores unlimited

-1% everything else

-It's an Amex (more perks, less acceptance)


Sallie Mae

-$25 sign-up bonus

-No AF

-5% groceries up to $250 monthly

-5% gas up to $250 monthly

-5% bookstores (includes Amazon) up to $750 monthly

-1% everything else

-Very likely to get a World MasterCard



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Last INQ: 9/3/16
AAoA: 2y 11m
Lowest limit: Citi Double Cash MasterCard - $14,000
Highest limit: Discover It - $56,000
Available credit: $177,100 (6 cards)
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