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Finally...CLI With Elan Financial!!!!

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Finally...CLI With Elan Financial!!!!

Hi All...


I posted a few months back about my difficulties in trying to obtain a CLI with my Elan Financial Services College Rewards Visa.  I have had a limit of $1000 for over a year and decided to fill out the "long form" on the website to request an increase to $2500.  Sure enough I get a denial letter in the mail and decided to call the number listed which turned out to be a credit analyst.  She told me that they would resubmit my request for a manual review and that I would receive another letter in 7-10 days. Today I received the letter stating "Congratulations, We are pleased with the way you have handled your card and your credit line has been increased to $2500 for immediate use!" The best part is that they never did a hard pull!!!!

My Score:
Experian FICO: 726

In My Wallet:
Elan Financial Rewards Visa (05/10) / Chevron (12/10) / Citi Forward (02/11) / Amex Zync (04/11) / Discover IT (06/11) / Chase Freedom (09/11) / Amex Blue Cash Everyday (09/11)

All done applying...I have my perfect credit portfolio!!!!

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Re: Finally...CLI With Elan Financial!!!!

Wow, very nice. Congrats!

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Re: Finally...CLI With Elan Financial!!!!

That is awesome, congrats!  No hard pull on a CLI request is a nice bonus!

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