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Finally some GE Love

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Finally some GE Love

Thought I would share a bit of a success story for all those that are where I'm at and hopefully give someone some encouragement to keep pushing and never give up Smiley Happy. To start GE wouldn't approve me for whatever reason over the last 8 months of my rebuilding process with scores anywhere between 590-620ish range..finally went to 633 equifax and 627 TU experian 651 fako. So I said why not give it another shot and well the result is as follows.


Amazon 800

Walmart 400

JCPenny 200

Old Navy 200


I was like oh yeah Im in finally and the offical gardening club begins I also have 4 other cards that I use quite a bit just wish my MC's had a higher limit Oh well for 1 year of cleaning things up and getting util down I think Its pretty good start. Below is the other cards I have that I started at the beginning of my rebuilding process.


Macys 600 GL  375 bal

Cap one Secured 500 cl 200 bal

Cap one plat 300 cl 28 bal

orchard/cap one 300 cl 58 bal


All will be paid off within 2 months...just feels good to come back from BK's and Repos to get to this point...Again this is not to brag but to inspire all those that are still fighting to reclaim there credit (life) Good luck to you all Smiley Happy

CH 7 BK discharged 05/15 goal scores 680 across the board
Current Score: TU 657 EQ 676 EX 657 FICO pull 03/20/17

 photo cabelas 3700.jpg
 photo Disney siggy 5000.png photo SWP Premier 2500.png photo virgin america 2300.jpg photo lexus 2500.png photo toyota 2500.png photo kays1500.jpg photo hsn4000.png photo GoodSam 1000.png photo buckle 900.jpg photo af 250.png photo valero.jpg photo fingerhut.jpg
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