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Re: Fingerhut

@Mrflip09 wrote:
I can't get any unsecured cards as of now... well credit one is unsecured.... even my credit union declined a unsercured card....... but my girl friend has a lower score then me and just got a quicksiler cap one for 500 unsecured.....i don't get it lol


It will happen, you need to give it a little bit of time. You must be getting tired of hearing it, but it's really true


Credit One is ok to get you started. When the time comes, kill it with fire. In the meanwhile, it will help you build. 


Maybe your GF had less apps or different negative info.  Check with CU in a few months or start looking for a different CU, one that may be friendlier to rebuilding. 



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Re: Fingerhut

Well my bank has given me a line of credit for 500 and auto loan of 13k and 200 secured card in less then a year......
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