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Firestone/CFNA Auto CLI

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Re: Firestone/CFNA Auto CLI

hcashew wrote:

Careful with CFNA, though!


They report 30 day lates to the bureaus, as opposed to the majority of other banks which report 60s.


They got me in a lot of trouble during  my unemployemnt year.

Can you name the source for this information? I'm not saying you are wrong but I know of no creditor who will not report a 30 day late payment instead of waiting till 60 days late.


Unless I'm misreading your post. If so I apologize.


Edited for a typo.




From a BK years ago to:
EX - 3/11 pulled by lender- 835, EQ - 2/11-816, TU - 2/11-782

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Re: Firestone/CFNA Auto CLI

kjm79 wrote:

I've had the card since 2009.  After the luv button shows up after 6 monhts, I've had the luv button every month thereafter. 

CFNA caught onto monthly use of the luv button!  This is the FIRSTmonth it hasn't let me request an increase.  I don't know if they cap out their accounts (I'm sitting at $2800 right now) or if they finally noticed I request an increase every month.  lol  Shoot!  Maybe next month!

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Re: Firestone/CFNA Auto CLI

Still no love button for me. Hopefully soon!

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Re: Firestone/CFNA Auto CLI

Yea...i think something is in the air.  I statrted out with a $1400. limit, I had my card I think about a year.  Logged in last week notived I jumped to a $1800 limit.  Increase of $400. 

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Re: Firestone/CFNA Auto CLI

I have never requested a CLI from them - and I have not used the card in a year.  I checked my account a few days ago, and I had a $600 CLI.  I am now at $2000 with them.

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