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First Command Bank Plat CC...

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First Command Bank Plat CC...


has anyone tried out fo this CC? any info what is the criteria? how good are the limits? i see a 5k minimum which is nice...


any other input?

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Re: First Command Bank Plat CC...

also pulled this off of there site for their platnium card...


No annual fee, late payment fee, over-limit fee, cash advance fee, balance transfer fee or online account access fee



sounds like a dream card there, now if it only had cash back =)

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Re: First Command Bank Plat CC...

 I'm not familiar with them but followed the link and this is what I found.  Pretty much leaves me out.



"We are currently accepting new account applications only from existing clients of First Command Bank or First Command Financial Services. If you are interested in establishing a relationship with a First Command Advisor, please visit our website . For those who are already clients of First Command Bank, you may open an additional bank account via OnCommand. For those who are clients of First Command Financial Services, but do not presently have an account at First Command Bank, please contact your financial advisor."

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Re: First Command Bank Plat CC...

I applied last May and was approved for the starting minimum.  My scores were approximately what they are now and my application was brought before a committee (apparently standard practice).  They are very serious about extending credit.  I would ensure that your report is clean and next to zero inquiries (they pulled TU) would be a plus.


The aspects of the card a top flight and the CS has been the same.  Now for the unfortunate news...


Effective 10/1/09 the interest rate will go from Prime + 1 (currently 4.25%) to Prime + 1--with a base of 7.25%.


This brings it in line with my Simmons Platinum (also going to variable 10/1/09).


Much like Simmons, it is tough to qualify for, but FCB (and Simmons) are quality banks and great cards to have.



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