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First Entertainment Credit Union - I Closed accounts

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First Entertainment Credit Union - I Closed accounts

I only had savings but I had applied for credit twice and they pull EX and last time was in Feb... I stopped in today and went directly to "lending" thinking maybe I could talk to them and review last app and then decide rather I should keep the account open or close it.

I asked her about reviewing my previous app and said "the score is good and everything is paid just some past baddies but since they are Credit Union thought I might be able to build relationship with them."

she pulled it up and said "she declined the app and noted past or present delinquencies" not sure what they are but once they are there, they are there forever so not sure"

I paused for that moment to process what she just said and went back and forth with my voice internally rather I should address it or not and then said:

"Thank you, go ahead and close all my accounts please"


I have posted before and have spoken with someone different 3 maybe even 4 times now at this credit union and they never seem to be the actual person with power to approve or look at credit but yet they each have said something totally "stupid" in my mind of something about credit that is so false that it hurts me so I just need to move on and not use anymore inquiries at a place like that... felt good in the end to not argue with her and just close out the accounts!

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Re: First Entertainment Credit Union - I Closed accounts

Sorry to hear about that, but it's good that you are moving on. You don't want to do business with a company that obviously isn't looking out for their customers.

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