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First National Bank of Omaha ?

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First National Bank of Omaha ?

On the 10th of jan. i applied for a first national bank omaha amex, its been over two

weeks with no response to my application. Online still says pending and i havnt recieved

a denial letter in the mail. This was a prescreened application that was sent to me, im assuming

because my credit profile fell into there criteria. Has anyone here had any experience with B of O?

And would u think hearing nothing about the status of the app is a good or bad sign?

Any thoughts would appreciated all

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Re: First National Bank of Omaha ?

Hi - I have a Visa card from them and I also receive a preapproval in the mail.  Unfortunately it does take a while.  I remember I was calling them daily or every other day to see if a decision was made.  I think it was about 2 weeks for me also.  Hang in there! 

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Re: First National Bank of Omaha ?

I'd be tempted to consider that a blessing in disguise. They denied a relative of mine a chargeback on outright fraud.

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Re: First National Bank of Omaha ?

FNBO manually reviews all of their applications which is why it can take up to two weeks to hear a response.

Good luck!
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Re: First National Bank of Omaha ?

I got a preapproved letter from them in the mail 4 months ago for their Amex and it took almost 2 weeks for me to get results as well. Just hang in there! I have been wanting to get a 2nd card with them (Mastercard) but I can't find any posts concerning people with more than one card with them.

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Re: First National Bank of Omaha ?

I also have a FNBO Visa and I called just last week to find out if we could have more than 1 FNBO credit card and was told by the CSR "yes".  I would like to get their AMEX in the future.

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