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First National Bank - offer

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First National Bank - offer

I am new here, my scores are around 550 the last time I checked them. I have a Target store card, and recently applied for First National Bank. I was declined for BOA and Orchard (except for secured, which I plan on getting). They sent me a letter in the mail with an offer, I wanted to run it by you.


I pay $29 to sign up, the first month they charge a one-time fee of $150.00 and my limit is $200.00. So what do you think? The initial $150 is out of my control, I thought i could get the card, then pay off that $150 the first billing cycle. Would this be an ok card to get? Or should I ONLY  get the secured card?


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Re: First National Bank - offer

Hi, I would just go for the secured credit cards this card sounds like a rip off with all their fees.  The secured credit card and this card you are thinking of applying for all report the SAME to help your credit score.  Believe me I am also working to rebuild my credit score and I started off with a BOA Secured CC and this became a steeping stone for all of the other cc that is not secured that I have now.  Good Luck

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Re: First National Bank - offer

Take the offer to the nearerst available shredder, shred it, then burn the shreds.


Those fees are unbelievable. Do what the above poster said, and get a secured card (try your bank or CU) or even try Capital One and some other sub-prime cards.




What exactly is the $150.00 for? Is it some kind of deposit or a non-refundable fee? If it's non-refundable, I'll stand by my previous statements.

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Oct. 29, 2008

And I'm only 19 years old (since sep.). Can't wait for the big 2-1.

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Re: First National Bank - offer

Secured all the way.  I would never pay those fees and when I had bad credit and got those offers, too, I just shredded them.  Banks like that do not deserve your business in my opinion.

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Re: First National Bank - offer

What were your scores when you got the Target Store card?

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Re: First National Bank - offer

RUN DON'T WALK   away from any card that charges this kind of fee.


Try WAMU, Orchard, CAP1 or BOFA secured.


Check out Finance Globe (removed link).   Put your score in and see what comes up.


Please refrain from including links to such websites.  Thanks -- Peas

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Re: First National Bank - offer

I've never seen that site--thanks casinoannie97!

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Re: First National Bank - offer

Thanks for all the replies, I will definitely stick with the secured cards.



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