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First card for my girlfriend (soon to be fiance)

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First card for my girlfriend (soon to be fiance)

As I begin shopping for an engagement ring, we want to make sure we do all we can to make sure that our finances will be in the best shape possible when we tie the knot (most likely summer 2014).  Currently, my girlfriend has no credit history whatsoever.  She is a sophomore in college, and will begin taking out student loans her junior year.  However, I know that if she starts a credit history now, that will help us in the future.  A credit card now would give her an 8 month head start, would help her credit mix, and help her get accustomed to properly handling credit.


My question is, what is the best way to start?  I have heard of some people having success with the Citi Forward for college students without any credit history.  I started with the old version of this myself when I was a sophomore in college (MTVU card).  However, I had a 1.5 year history from student loans at the time, and am concerned that she may get denied.  I have also thought about adding her to one of my 3 cards.  All have perfect payment histories.


Citi Forward: opened 12/09, $5.5k limit

Citi Dividend Rewards World Mastercard: opened 11/11, $4,950 limit

AMEX PRG: opened 08/12


I'm open to any suggestions on the best card for her/best way to build her credit.  Thanks so much in advance.

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Re: First card for my girlfriend (soon to be fiance)

Any updates here, ramblin?

What did you end up doing?

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