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First cc


First cc

My boyfriend wants to apply for his first credit card and we don't know which one would be best for him. His credit score is at 680 (he has a student loan which he pays on time) otherwise he doesn't have much of a history.. Which cc would be best for him? I'm thinking Citi or Capital One?
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Re: First cc

Hi njile, welcome to the forums. There's a wealth of information here.

Cap1 is an excellent card to start off with. I have 3. They may start him off with a low cr. limit(perhaps $300-$500), but over time they will automatically increase the limits

My spouse has a Citi card, and has a hefty cl on it. But she's had it for 4 years.

You may want to go here, plug in his FICO scores and compare(I just discovered this website this morning):

Good luck! Smiley Happy
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