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First premier

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First premier

I just open a first premier card and got it in the mail today. I activated it ,attempted to make a purchase online that I canceled. Then went to call them check my available credited and it said I had none. But I haven't spent anything and I just got the card today. Is this what happens when they block the card?
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Re: First premier

Hi and Welcome to the forums!!

What was your credit limit? FP usually has fee's to open the, by the time you active the card, your credit limit is like half.

So, depending on your limit, and the initial fee's to open the card, your purchase may have gone over the available credit left on your card.

How much was your purchase?


and, once you make a purchase, and then cancel it, sometimes it take 24-48 hours to reflect that. 

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Re: First premier

Before you go any further read up on 1st Prem. There are much better cards out.  

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Re: First premier



I believe you should have read the TC of this card/bank before even trying them out. As many of member had mentioned before, stay away from this type of cards. There are so much more better cards. 

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Re: First premier

Welcome to First Premier, one of two **bleep**tiest lenders on the planet. Other one is Credit One(not Capital One). If you look at your account you will notice most of your credit line has gone to fees and depending on your initial credit line that can be a huge part of it. Most real lenders do not charge you any fees to open acounts and the ones that do only offer a annual fee. First Premier and Credit One however like to charge for anything under the sun. I recommend closure and starting by finding a real lender.

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