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First spree a great success

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Re: First spree a great success

Jatindrj wrote:

So my first credit card is a CapOne which Ive had for a year, never a limit increase beyond my 3k.  I used it to build history and up my credit score and decided it was time to go on a small spree and find something better. I applied for chase and discover 2 months ago. I received chase first, with a 2.5k limit, followed by discover with a 1.5k limit. I was a little disappointed that they couldn't at least match my CapOne limit, but was still happy to have more choices and to now get rewards. A couple weeks ago I also applied for Amex hoping they will match CapOne and saying this will be the last app for a long time. I received it today and when I opened it, I let out a nice "Holy **bleep**". 11.2k from Amex. They are now my favorite. Thanks to everyone who has shared their knowledge on this forum. It helped me with my first spree and also helped me understand the credit world a lot more.

Don't forget your CLI to $25K in 61 days!


Scores 5/15/2016 (clean reports!): TU Walmart FICO: 696 | EQ FICO: 679 | EX AMEX FICO: 680

In my new wallet: American Express Green EMV: PSL $2000 | BankAmericard Cash Rewards Visa EMV: $2500 | Citi AAdvantage Platinum Select World MasterCard: $6400 | Barclaycard Arrival World MasterCard: $1000 | Discover IT: $2500 | Amazon Rewards Visa Signature: $1500 | Chase Freedom: $1500 | Capital One QuicksilverOne MasterCard: $2100 | Target: $2800 | J.Crew $21,550 | Marvel (Captain America) MasterCard: $6000
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Re: First spree a great success

Crashem wrote:

Jatindrj wrote:

Thanks all.

jtc411 wrote:

Can you share your Fico scores/income AAOA the usual?

At the time of the chase and discover apps, I had a ~1.5 year AAoA with a 714 Equifax. When I applied for Amex, I had a 727 Experian with a lower AAoA because of the two new cards. Income is at about 40k.

great success story.  Seems to be outlier approval amount.  Mind answering a couple ofquestions?  Homeowner?  How long lived at current address?  How long at same job?

Not a homeowner. Paying rent at parents for now. Just graduated college so Ive had the job for 2 months.


I was really surprised by the amount considering my income. Unless my income increase a lot in the next few months I dont really see a reason to ask for an increase. Should I do it anyway?

Amex BCE - 15.9k, QuickSilver - 8k, Freedom - 5k, Discover It - 7.5k
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