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For those interested in Apple Barclays

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Re: For those interested in Apple Barclays

I don't carry a balance on my Barclay Financing Card. I do however get promotional BT offers from them monthly. This month was the best so far- 0% interest BT with 1% transfer fee for 12 months. If I were carrying any balance at this time I'd like to transfer- this would be the time. When I got this card, I thought the special offers would be only for Apple Products. Not true. It really is a Financing VISA as marketed.

Starting Score: 642
Current Score: EQ 773, EX 780, TU 777 (All FICO)
Goal Score: 800+

Cards: NFCU Flagship 50K, DC 30K, BCP 28.6K, Arrival+ 25K, Citi DP 22.8K, CSR 20.5K, TotalRewards 25K, QuickSilver 20K

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