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For those with "stuck" Capital One accounts

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Re: For those with "stuck" Capital One accounts

I don't think I attempted a CLI before the timed offers as part of credit steps.


I do know that my QS1 -> QS -> Venture had to finally be closed. It was grew to and then becamse stuck at 6500 for about a year and every subsequent CLI request was denied. At first, too many inquiries and too low of payment (the card had a 1k balance that I was paying 125+/month on) I PIF and then the CLI request denial changed to my credit obligations being too high. So, bye bye Cap1. They served their purpose but the interest rate was brutal and there was clearly going to be no growth.


I'm certainly not against getting a Cap1 card in the future should one appeal to me. Though the idea of getting stuck in a bucket based on your credit profile when opening xyz card, that's somewhat annoying.

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Re: For those with "stuck" Capital One accounts

WOW!! Congrats on your approval and great SL..!!

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Re: For those with "stuck" Capital One accounts

Have you updated your income info? Bf's orchard bank card got an instant 1000 after it had sat at 300 for 9 years, just from updating the info.

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Re: For those with "stuck" Capital One accounts

Capital One doesn't seem to understand the value of relationship building and loyalty. I tried to combine my 3 toy-limit Cap 1 cards repeatedly over the last several months with no luck. I even went so far as to send a snail mail letter to their President of US Card Services in the Richmond office (I would be happy to give you his name and contact info via PM - it's not Richard Fairbank). Perhaps the more we bombard him with constructive feedback, the more likely C1 will make real changes. I also filed a CFPB complaint, and spoke with multiple people at the "executive resolutions desk," one of whom verified that the President did read my letter -- all to be told that everything at Capital One is driven by the algorithms and they no longer do manual account combinations.

I have kept my one low-limit Cap 1 card (the one with no AF) and got a CLI from $1400 to $1650. Whoopdee doo. I closed the other two before the AFs were due to post.
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Re: For those with "stuck" Capital One accounts

Congrats on the Venture with the super high limit.  Good information.  My Platinum got product changed to Quicksilver and got my credit steps increase to 750 dollars.  I do see Venture in my pre-approval list with Cap One.   I will probably get around to taking their 400 hundred dollars one of these days

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