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Foreign country cash advance - Best rates for foreign currency?

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Foreign country cash advance - Best rates for foreign currency?

I'm going to Taiwan for 2 weeks. I've been trying to figure out how to get the best terms for foreign currency. The market rate is $29.05 TWD per $1 USD. Bank of America is exchanging at $26.79 TWD per $1 USD and charge a $7.50 fee. I contacted Capital One and their rates on cash advances and purchases  are dependant on what MC or Visa charges, which is $29.05 TWD per $1 USD, but I don't have a PIN for the card, and it takes too long to send to me. I'm thinking of just walking into a Chase branch in Taiwan and asking for a cash advance using my CSP. Does anyone know what type of exchange rates they use and what are the fees associated with it? I assume it's just 3% plus immediate interest accrual. Are there hidden fees that the bank that I go to will charge?



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Re: Foreign country cash advance - Best rates for foreign currency?

First of, any currency exchange that involves the use of a debit/credit card depend on Visa or MC exchange rate. Issuer never sets exchange rate for debit/credit card.


That means you get the same exchange rate by using CSP Visa and Capital One Visa at a Taiwanese ATM (minus the difference between cash advance fee/interest and possible FTF). The exchange rate given to you by BofA is when you hand them cash (USD) and ask for NTD (New Taiwanese Dollar) in return.


I do not believe there is a Chase branch in Taipei, Taiwan. There is a JP Morgan branch that mainly deals the asset in Taipei, Taiwan.


If you want to save money do the following,


* Open a Charles Schwab checking account and ask them to rush their debit card.

* Load your money onto the checking account.

* Use your Charles Schwab debit card to take out money at Taiwanese ATM.


Charles Schwab does not charge any fee regarding the use of debit card, and will reimbursh the ATM fee charged by the ATM operator (excluding the fee for checking your balance).

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Re: Foreign country cash advance - Best rates for foreign currency?

BofA wont charge a fee if you have checking with them. Ive exchanged £ before but not TWD
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