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Former Wamu cardholders thinking about converting

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Former Wamu cardholders thinking about converting

I spoke with a Chase advisor yesterday and was told that I could add "free rewards" to my current card. No annual fee or other changes. It's a 1 for 1 reward program--not the greatest in the world but better than no reward at all. If you're interested you might have to specifically ask for it. Yesterday was about the 3rd time I've talked with Chase about product conversion and it was the first time this option was offered.
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Re: Former Wamu cardholders thinking about converting

they coveer my wamu  flexable  rewards I 1652 I will a $10 gift card close and combine with my amazon 3-2-1


10000 =$100 cash whicch is 1% return


also since you don't have a co branded product you should have access to chase rewards plus which is their online mallthat recive more than 1/$1 aon merchants there,

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Re: Former Wamu cardholders thinking about converting

I think a lot of people who are getting the "cannot convert your card" message are calling Chase directly because like me, you also have a Chase card and are trying to combine your limits at the same time.  You should call the number on the back of your WaMu card (1-866-892-9268).  It goes to the "Credit Card Department."  I think this unit is still being run by the former WaMu reps.  They just now have access to Chase's systems.  I converted my normal no rewards Platinum Mastercard to the PerfectCard yesterday.  No questions asked.  They just said they will add the rewards program to my existing card and I will just continue to use it.  When it renews next year, I will then get the new Chase card.  I was also able to combine my limits to the PerfectCard after they transferred my call to the appropriate department.  Just FYI for everyone on this forum since I have not seen this information shared yet.
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Re: Former Wamu cardholders thinking about converting

I did the same thing.Called the number on the back of my wamu card and chose and enrolled into the perfect card rewards.I guess i use the card i got now untill they send another one.
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