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Fortiva year evaluation.

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Fortiva year evaluation.

It's been over a year since I fierst evaluated Fortiva Credit services, At the time of my last review it was a rather new account. Perhaps a few months old.
Since that time I have received multiple offers of new Fortiva credit cards, which significantly increased the starting credit limits. Although they limit an individual to just 1 account.
A flaw in their marketing skills for sure, but from my experience, there is a lack of a lot of skills in regards to Fortiva.
For the most part I used my account very little, never late.
I even added my eldest son onto my account, which costed me an extra $25.00.
Soon after adding my soon, the card was locked for suspicious behavior. Upon contacting them several times, that every purchase was in order, the amount of available credit was set at $0.00 in the online access. However every billing showed what available credit  I actually had, thus a conflict in reporting.
After trying to get a reply in regards to the online account page failing to update, I decided I had enough. The yearly annual fee of $49.95 was coming due soon, and I felt because the account had appeared to be locked out since october 2019, that it was improper to charge me an annual fee in April, 2020.
In addition at the first yearly anniversary, I was blessed to be charged a $10.00 monthly maintenance fee.
Thus I had to figure in the $49.00 plus the $10.00 monthly fee to the balance to be paid off.
Upon reading their requirements to close the account, requires a draconian way of canceling, by "cutting up the card(s), mailing them back to Fortiva, with a request to close the account, AND TO PAY OFF THE ENTIRE BALANCE BEFORE BEING ABLE TO ACTUALLY CLOSE ACCOUNT.
I cut up the card(s), made the written and signed cancel request, and paid off the balance.

A few days later, I was sent two separate emails, the first told me the account has been closed, and that I had zero liability owing to Fortiva.
Less than a week later, I receive a statement, on this statement, was a $6.00 and some odd change still owing, in addition they sent a new card in my sons name, in the same statement and I noticed the account number had changed.
So I made an inquiry, they admitted that they closed the account on May, 1st, 2020, and opened a new account on 5, 4th,2020.
That's an idiotic company for sure.

Khols $700.00, Lowes $5000.00, Gap $400.00, Belk $300.00, Ebay Mastercard $500.00, Credit One $950.00, Merrick Bank $1,600.00, Capital One $500.00, Walmart $3,500.00, Amazon $600.00, Paypal $1,500.00. VS $500.00, JCrew, Belk, Gap, New York &Company, JC Penney, Amazon, Credit One $600.00,
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Re: Fortiva year evaluation.

🤦🤦 Remember to file those records showing the paid off zero balance in this year's taxes, just in case they do something else dumb. 

Last HP 11-01-2022

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