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Fred Meyer Rewards Master Card

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Fred Meyer Rewards Master Card

This is email it got today. Anything extra is always nice but nothing to really write home about. lol

I would literally have to spend $1K on GrubHub by August 31st to earn said $20, at KFC mind you because they are the only place with a presence on GrubHub where I live.  I don't even spend that much in one year!



Earn up to $20 in statement credits on purchases made with your Fred Meyer Rewards® World Mastercard® in these categories:
Restaurants and Food Delivery
(including Uber Eats, Grubhub and DoorDash)
Spend $200 or more and earn a 1% statement credit, up to $10.1
Home Improvement and Hardware Stores
Spend $300 or more and earn a 1% statement credit, up to $10.1


Enroll by July 31, 2020 This offer is valid on purchases made through August 31, 2020


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Re: Fred Meyer Rewards Master Card

That's a lot of buckets of chicken......

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Re: Fred Meyer Rewards Master Card

No Fred Meyer's near MeSmiley Sad

"It's true hard work never killed anybody, but I figure, why take the chance?"
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Re: Fred Meyer Rewards Master Card

Well there have been talks about just converting all FM's to Kroger stores, which would kind of be a bummer as they have been a long time staple here in the Pac-West. My local store recently remodeled increasing the grocery section and drastically rducing other goods. Considering Kroger's background I understand that move, but here locally we don't have much in the way of non grocery anymore. Kmart closed in February, so if they totally went Grocery it would leave the whole down without a places to buy misc goods. Which is what Fred Meyer is used to be all a about, one stop shop. 


Truthfully I only keep that card around for the TL, it no longer serves my needs now that I have the BCP. So it wouldn't be a great loss.

They used to do a lot more marketing for spend like 3X points during certain promos, and it does/did add up quick for gas, I used to get about $30 a month in free gas as  side affect from shoping there with my card. 

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