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Freedom card. Now or wait?

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Freedom card. Now or wait?

Simple question. I have at the moment two Chase cards, namely:

CSR, CL 52k, PIF, opened 12 months ago
CFU, CL 10k, PIF, opened 4 months ago

My goal is to achieve the trifecta by adding the freedom card. I know for a fact that I am prequalified for the freedom card.

Now is the catch. I will be overseas for about one year starting in July, and probably would not use actively any of the freedom cards (apart for Netflix and similar expenses). Hence the question. Now or then?

I only know I will have to make an auto loan when I come back.

- Now: better AAoA in the end, but a card I know I will barely use (is Chase ok with it?)

- Then: reduce AA risk since my credit with Chase is concentrated AND relatively new, avoiding useless applications, a useless card in my wallet, and can potentially apply for the card only after the loan.

I’m looking to minimize the impact on this. Fico now is 760-780, so the impact should be small. My history being limited to 30 months though, it has to be considered.

What do you think?
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Re: Freedom card. Now or wait?

I would probably wait. While you're scores are excellent, Chase seems to get spooked mostly when it comes to a 3rd card. If you're not going to have a need for it while out of country, then there's really no reason to chance it. Your AAoA will gain a year, it'll give CFU a chance to age and you'll likely get a higher SL by waiting as well.

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Re: Freedom card. Now or wait?

I would not apply for a card I wont use for a while. Apply for it when you have the actual need versus some mythical trifecta. 


Aside from the small SUB, you really would not benefit from it at this time. If you were using it and able to transfer URs I'd say go for it. 

If you cant, wait till you're back. 


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Re: Freedom card. Now or wait?

I agree with @ChargedUp and @Remedios 


Don't apply for a card you don't need. No good can come of it.

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Re: Freedom card. Now or wait?

Alright, thanks for your input.

I'll probably just wait until I come back.

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Re: Freedom card. Now or wait?

Waiting never hurts but, what caught my eye is the 62K in exposure.... so, knowing how Chase operates you might want to take into consideration how much 62K factors into your income... If you're safely in the 6 figure income bracket it shouldn't be an issue but, if you're not it might be a reallocation from other cards to open a new card in addition to the 2 you have now.

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Re: Freedom card. Now or wait?

Thanks for raising that point.
I’m probably fine income-wise (reported is 180k).

However, factoring in that my credit history is pretty short (30 months), my history with Chase doubly so (12 months), and that my CL is overconcentrated with them (80%+), AA is something I simply cannot afford to risk for now.
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