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Freedom card number stolen.....


Re: Freedom card number stolen.....

I have the app on my iPhone for Chase and as soon as anything over $1.00 is charged in a single transaction on the account I receive a email as well as a push notification to my phone. It shows the time,address, and merchant name. This is the reason I love Chase and use it as my main card.

I know the majority of other major banks have email alerts as soon as you make a payment. Also AMEX has Passbook for iPhone which alerts (push notification) as soon as you use the card.
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Re: Freedom card number stolen.....

ok so i did the push alerts for chase i may do them if i carry discover soon. 

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Re: Freedom card number stolen.....

I'm not sure why you contacted the police since Chase is handling it. If Chase said no we aren't helping, then a police report would be understandable. The contactless chip really is not that dangerous, but the feature isn't really that advantageous. You always have 0 liability for fradulent charges, so nothing to worry about. I think it's being overly paranoid to assume that since a credit card was used your identity was stolen aswell. I advise against freezing any reports or enrolling in lifelock.

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Re: Freedom card number stolen.....


john398 wrote:

Thats one reason I have chase mobile alerts, as soon as ity is swiped I get a text


I get text and emails from Chase.. I had someone steal my Disney rewards card at a Shell gas station; the next day it was used for 1.00. I have the alert set to anything over .25cents. Chase said most people do like $25.00. But while I was on the phone with Chase cancelling the card and reporting fraud they tried to put thru a charge for $599.00. Now CC thieves are getting smarter and seeing if they will get unnoticed for a small amount, if so then they try to charge a large amount.

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