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Freedom to southwest by chase

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Freedom to southwest by chase

will having a chase card, the freedom specifically, in good standing and always PIF help get the southwest card? We fly every year and those points would come in handy! Don't plan on apping for it til next year. Have about 6 inq across the reports that'll fall off by may.

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Re: Freedom to southwest by chase

garden garden garden. .pif pif pif or at least before apping. 


with longer aaoa and good payment history the sw card should be no problem. 


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Re: Freedom to southwest by chase

That was exactly my case. Got the freedom initially at 5k limit. Then before it turned a year old i applied for Southwest and they gave me the Visa signature card at 16.5k limit.
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Re: Freedom to southwest by chase

I believe so!. I had a Chase Freedom Card about a year, then apped for and approved for the Chase Airlines Reward Card. Chase loves to see credit usage and payment history along with a mostly clear report of no charge offs and no collections.   PS I had my Chase Airlines card  8k initial limit and used it very heavy. Asked for a cli four months later to 25k and approved, with a hard pull. I will receive the formal increase document in the mail soon to see which CRA's they pulled and my score. As always, YMMV, good luck.

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Re: Freedom to southwest by chase

Had my Freedom for about 8 months prior to getting the SW RR Card. My freedom limit is 3800, but was approved for visa siggy SW for 10.7k! I did have a few auto loans through them before that were paid off (at high interest so maybe they felt they owed me Smiley Very Happy ) But yes, Chase loves heavy use and solid payment history, Once you're in with them they get a bit lenient I feel. I even think I had a decent balance on my freedom when I app'ed.

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